Sunday, August 7, 2011

CPE Training

American Investment Training provides CPA CPE continuing education credits online.

CPE Course Topics Include:

Asset Allocation CPE - This ce course covers broad issues and components of asset management plans. It also explains the discounted cash flow analysis. And the impact of the different assumptions on discounted cash flow analysis. It further goes to describe the factors to consider deciding whether to buy or lease property.

Wills and Trusts - This continuing education topic is a concise and practical guide to what every insurance professional and CPA should know about the law of Wills and Trusts - as well as a range of other matters – while advising others. Before and during the design of a client’s estate plan, the professional can provide value as part of the advisor team. In a great many scenarios, life insurance products can play a critical role in assuring the financial security the client is looking for.

Corporate Finance For Professionals - The realm of corporate finance is dynamic and complex environment, requiring extensive know-how and competency on the part of the financial professional. Responsible financial and fiduciary management begins with an adequate and compliant record-keeping system, and ability to recognize capital costs and ratio analysis when evaluating the strength of a company. In addition to these tools, an in-depth knowledge of the merger and acquisition process provides financial professionals with an edge in the marketplace. This course provides insurance and financial services professionals with the tools to succeed competently in the financial arena, with module topics including Management of Capital, Managing Corporate Records, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Evaluating Financial Performance.

Corporate Pension Plans - A retirement series online section with a look at the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution plans, profit sharing plans, and 401(k) and 403(b) plans. Contributions, taxation, and distribution are discussed for each plan. For a more extensive look at 401(k), please see our course devoted entirely to that plan.

Over 30 continuing education CPE accounting and investment topics to choose from with full descriptions and hours.

All of the online sections will calculate your CPE credit hours to satisfy your current CPA requirements.

CPE Training Courses


  1. Becoming a CPA is a rewarding career that is why a lot of people choosing this challenging field. Taking a CPA licensure exam is not that easy since you need to be well-prepared before taking the actual exm. After getting licensed, one must renew its license in order to maintain it by taking a CPA CPE and get updated with current trends and practices in the field of Public Accountancy.

    1. Cpa cpe requirements differ depending upon the "status" of the CPA and the number of years which have passed since successful completion of the CPA exam.